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Extreme Adventure Races 

After a lifetime of Mountaineering, Exploring and Multi Day Adventure Racing all over the world, and in the early 2000s moving into Race Organisation and being the Race Director and course director at events of all types, Half Marathons, 24 Hour International Endurance events, Multi Day events, and including Race Director at the Commonwealth Ultra Championship games on two separate occasions.   

In 2011 we created the Fire + Ice Ultra,  now a major event on the Ultra calender followed up with the Annapurna Ultra and then in 2018 the Pilot event for the Half Fire + Ice Ultra, designed as the perfect step up to Multiday events, or just for those with a limited time available. 

Durig this time, using, testing and appraising many different outdoor brands and products, led to the creation of the Extreme Adventure Races store, supplying specialist brands and equipment to the Adventure, Outdoor and Running enthusiast.